• Android Architecture
  • Comparison with other OS
  • Understanding the environment
  • Understanding Eclipse IDE
  • API Levels
  • Introduction: Java and XML
  • Front-End and Back-End environment
  • Designing Front-end through XML
  • Designing Backend through JAVA
  • Layouts and Widgets
  • Working with layouts: Linear, Relative, etc.
  • Working with Widgets: Text-View, Edit-Text, Buttons, Image-Views, and Scroll View etc.
  • Using other properties
  • Activity and its Life-Cycle
  • Finding .APK file
  • What is Manifest File
  • Setting up the Android Virtual Devices
  • Testing “Hello World” Application
  • Intents and its type
  • Starting another Activity using both types of Intents
  • Sending Data from one Activity to another
  • Building Camera application, fetching image using Intent
  • Understanding Toast
  • Dialog and its types
  • Create Custom dialogs
  • Concept Splash Screen
  • Playing Music
  • SMS related concepts
  • Camera and others
  • Concept of Email
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Splash Screen Application
  • Music Player Application
  • SMS Application
  • Camera Application
  • Email Application
  • Text-To-Speech Application
  • Toast
  • Dialog
  • Custom dialog
  • Android App Development Tool Software
  • Projector with Screen
  • WhiteBoard with Marker
  • Mic & Sound System
  • Laptop with Participants along with charging points


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