Arduino physical computing based on ATmega328 microcontroller with more pinouts and memory capabilities. Arduino can be flexibly used with more conventional programming environment be it C, assembler etc.Arduino came in the year 2005 in Italy, for students to create interactive environment using sensors and actuators. Due to low cost and easy for novices, professionals too started showing interest and exploring the development board. With due time this shielded board of microcontrollers opened up options with multiple projects and usage.  

Course Fees:- INR 11500

Duration:- 45 Days

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  • Flexible Timings - Customize the learning schedule to your needs
  • Linguistic Diversity - Course offered in regional indian languages
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Students who have technical knowledge and interest, are eligible for this program. Hobbyists who do not have knowledge of embedded system and robotics but wish to learn, can also pursue this program.

Senior Robotic System Engineer, Embedded Engineer, Product lead, Predictive Analytics, Robotics & Embedded System Trainer.

For rapid development and knowledge without taking out soldering iron, ATMEGA328 on UNO adds to the electronic requirement standards. Be it a small device or a car, microcontroller and development boards are used all over.


  • Introduction to Open Source Hardware
  • Introduction Arduino
  • Understanding the Environment
  • Why Arduino?
  • Different series of Arduino Development Board
  • Understanding How the Stuff works?
  • Introduction to Microcontroller
  • Microcontroller - 328P
  • Installing the Environment
  • Lets get started with Arduino IDE!
  • Lets Blink LED
  • Learn about circuit designing
  • Study Breadboard
  • Working of IR Sensor
  • Lets start and make circuits
  • Understanding the sketch
  • Interfacing LED
  • Interfacing Displays: LCD
  • Interfacing Seven Segment Displays
  • Interfacing Actuators: DC Geared Motor
  • Learn wireless communication: PC to arduino
  • PWM
  • ADC
  • Interrupts
  • SPI Communication
  • Inter IC-communication (I2C) between two Arduino
  • What are motors?
  • DC Motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Stepper Motors
  • What are Sensors!
  • IR Sensors Designing & Programming
  • Interfacing Temperature Sensor
  • Interfacing HC-SR04
  • Interface PIR Sensor
  • Interfacing Accelerometers
  • Interfacing GPS Module
  • Interfacing Gas Sensor
  • Operating Servo Motor
  • LED Blinking
  • Using Display: 16x2 LCD
  • UART: Controlling motor using serial communication
  • X-bee Communication
  • Developing Range finder
  • Using Accelerometers: Hand Gesture Robot
  • Making Four Leg Walker
  • Bluetooth Controlled Robot
  • Accelerometer Controlled robot


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