Certification in 3D Max

Evaluate your 3D Max knowledge.

Render three-dimensional animation, models and images using Autodesk 3ds Max. Originally it was introduced as 3D studio which was created by Yost Group of Atari to work on the DOS platform for which development started in the year 1988.The software is used for multiple purpose from developing CGI, academic applications as well as game development.Best known for its power as a modelling tool, it allows you to create complex 3D models with the benefits of fast workflow and robust modifiers. Additional benefit is it has some really great architectural visualization capabilities.

Course Fees:- INR 11500

Duration:- 45 Days

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Engineers : Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Design Engineers all make use of 3D MAX for fabrication and simulation drawings.
Industrial Designer : People who is working or wanting to work in animation, film industry or any 3D Games company, then they should know 3D MAX.

Technical Artist, Video editor, Modeller, also beneficial for interior designers.

Most common aspect of video gaming is the animation and 3ds Max is the perfect tool for it. According to the industry standards it is a strong part of architectural visualization and design. So we can say there is a wide scope and good market demand of 3D MAX.


  • Basic interface and layout study
  • Basic and extended primitives
  • Basic layout setting for Architects
  • Extrude
  • Chamfer
  • Cut and Slices
  • Symmetry Mirror Modeling
  • Designing a table and chair
  • Designing a house using box
  • Lines and Nurbs
  • Importing a plan from AutoCAD/Vectorworks
  • Making an interior space
  • Doors and Windows
  • AEC extended
  • Railing and Trees
  • Stairs
  • Compound objects
  • Bend, Taper, Twist, Stretch, Skew
  • FFD
  • Lattice
  • Omni, Spot, Direct Lights
  • Sky light and light tracer rendering
  • Light effects
  • Free and Target camera
  • Camera Animation
  • Diffuse and Bump Mapping
  • Ink and paint
  • Environment and back ground images
  • Material library/Architectural Materials
  • Particle systems (Rain System)
  • Object Properties and motion blur
  • Rendering images
  • Rendering moving images
  • VRay Image rendering
  • Global Illumination and HDRI rendering

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