Certificate in SolidWorks

Evaluate your SolidWorks knowledge.

A solid modelling  CAD or computer-aided design and CAE commonly known as computer-aided engineering  is a  computer program which needs Microsoft Windows as a platform to run and is known as SolidWorks. Founded in December 1993 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology SolidWorks is published by Dassault System.Models and assembling utilizes parametric feature-based approach to create solid modellers. SolidWorks is one of the popular 3D CAD software. If you are looking for a career as mechanical or a design engineer SolidWorks 3D design is a solution to it. Learning 3D mechanical designing via SolidWorks software aims to quick deploy and is easy to use, Capitalising on new opportunities and reduced cost is some of its features. 

Course Fees:- INR 11500

Duration:- 45 Days

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Engineers : Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Petroleum, Design Engineers all make use of SolidWorksfor fabrication and simulation drawings.
Industrial Designer : Working professionals or want to work in automobile, aerospace or any parts manufacturing company, then they should know SolidWorks.

With each passing day, the demand and manpower of this profession are booming at a rapid pace. Few are the industries which are regularly in demand :
 Consumer Products Industry    
 Alternative Energy Industry
 Manufacturing industry
 Mould, Tools and Die industry
 Packaging Machinery Industry
 Oil and Gas Energy Industry

SolidWorks offers a solution even to the toughest engineering problems. Every industry in itself faces some or the other challenges in today’s competitive marketplace, thus there is a need of CAD designer in each such industry. 


  • History of Web Desiging
  • Solidworks workbench
  • System Requirements
  • Important Terms and Definitions
  • Understanding the function of mouse buttons
  • Toolbars
  • Hot Keys
  • Sketch geometry and relations
  • Basic Part modelling
  • Boss and cut extrudes
  • Modelling a casting or forging
  • Adding intelligence to solid features
  • Revolves and patterns
  • Complex cylindrical parts and patterns
  • Draft, shells, ribs and text features
  • Editing options
  • Configurations of parts
  • Design aspects a single part
  • Editing and repairing features in a part
  • Introduction to Wireframe and Surface Design workbench
  • Creating Wireframe Elements
  • Creating Surfaces
  • Configuration and Editing of Surfaces
  • Introduction to Assembly Workbench
  • Creating Bottom-up Assemblies
  • Creating Bottom-down Assemblies
  • Build and analyze for fit and function
  • Detailing
  • Create views, annotations and BOM
  • Tools options, templates and support
  • Projects

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