Certification in STAAD.Pro

STAAD or (STAAD.Pro) is a structural analysis and design computer program originally developed by Research Engineers International at  Yorba Linda, CA in 1997. In late 2005, Research Engineers International was bought by  Bentley Systems.It can make use of various forms of analysis from the traditional 1st order static analysis, 2nd order p-delta analysis, geometric non-linear analysis, Pushover analysis (Static-Non Linear Analysis) or buckling analysis. It can also make use of various forms of dynamic analysis from modal extraction to time history and response spectrum analysis.

Course Fees:- INR 11500

Duration:- 45 Days

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STAAD.Pro comes with flexible modeling environment, advanced features, and fluent data collaboration. It is the world’s number one structural analysis and design software that supports Indian and all international codes.

STAAD.Pro allows structural engineers to analyze and design virtually any type of structure. Structural engineering firms, structural consultants, departments in construction companies, owner/operators, and government agencies, and offshore platform designers’ use this software extensively.

 Civil Engineering Students

 STAAD.Pro  is a new tool for Civil Engineering Students which is in huge demand now a days. There is a growing demand for well-skilled civil Engineering professionals with good knowledge of STAAD.Pro and in the near future the demand will increase more. STAAD.Pro is one of the most effective tools that helps a lot in shaping a career in Civil and students after going through a training program will become much more technically sound and it will also increase their confidence level.


  • Structural Engineering concepts
  • Classification of structures
  • Overview of structural analysis and design
  • About Staad.Pro interface
  • Unit Systems
  • Structure Geometry and Coordinate Systems
  • Generation of Joints and Members
  • Advanced modeling methods – Joints and members
  • Assigning material constants, member properties
  • Defining loads to structural elements
  • Types of Analysis
  • Methods of Analysis
  • Performing analysis of structure
  • Generating preprocessor, post processor information
  • Generating statistical report
  • Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering
  • Defining elements in structure
  • Assigning element properties
  • Element creation using Staad.Pro Editor
  • Defining loads for elements
  • Performing steel design on structure
  • Steel optimization method in design
  • Custom animation of structural geometry
  • Customizing and configuring Staad.Pro for structures
  • Introduction to design principles in practice
  • Concrete Design in Batch Mode
  • Using Different Parameter in Batch Mode
  • Design Beam, Column, Shear wall& Slab
  • Introduction of Interactive RC Designer
  • Physical member Concept
  • Design Continues Beams and Columns
  • Generating Reports
  • Exporting and importing file

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