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An unprofessional designer.
Creative person.
Anyone willing to boost knowledge on designing software.

Creating Ads, Collateral prints, Textile designer, UI/UX designer, Visual designer, DTP designer.

Corel Draw comes with a benefit of resolution independent images which can be of desired quality and resolution without distortion. Thousands of Job Opening for designer profile are created everyday both in private and public sector. To fulfil today’s demand of designers Corel Draw is the best tool in use.


  • Exploring the user Interface
  • Working with Basic Geometric Figures
  • Undoing & Redoing of Actions
  • Working with Page Layout
  • Drawing curves using lines
  • Working with Outlines
  • Working with Brush Strokes
  • Modifying Basic shapes
  • Exploring Grid & Guidelines
  • Performing advanced operations with line objects
  • Handling Objects in CorelDraw
  • Creating an outline around an object
  • Positioning Objects
  • Aligning & Distributing Objects
  • Sizing & Scaling Objects
  • Creating Graphical Special Effects
  • Creating a Custom Color Palette
  • Editing a Custom Color Palette
  • Adding a table
  • Inserting and deleting Table rows & columns
  • Formatting Table
  • Creating Different types of text
  • Changing the Appearance of Text
  • Finding & Replacing text
  • Applying Effects to Text
  • Fitting text to an object's Path
  • Creating a layer
  • Changing layer properties
  • Moving objects between layers
  • Deleting a layer
  • Understanding the image types
  • Working with Bitmap & Vector
  • Images Importing a Bitmap
  • Modifying a Bitmap
  • Tracing Bitmaps


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