Embedded System With ARM

Evaluate your ARM knowledge.

Microcontroller and microprocessor based integrated circuits that are based on 32-bit processor cores with peripherals and tool support are known as ARM based processors with developers. Commonly known ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine.This 32-bit processor is similar to AVR 8-bit product with a difference of architecture used in both. Microcontrollers consists of conventional internal registers, internal program memory and RAM.  

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Students should start with 8051, then PIC, then AVR, then they can move to ARM. Now a days ARM is widely used in Embedded Systems Field. So knowing ARM will be helpful during job searching also.

Career options open when learning on microcontrollers increases. Some of the available options are: Embedded System Architect, System Software Engineer, Embedded Engineer, Firmware Engineer, File System Engineer, Embedded software engineer.

Due to the low power consumption and high performance industry needs microcontrollers for the purpose of sensing, monitoring and controlling irrespective of the specific need and industrial automation. All industries have the requirement of power optimization and here comes the need of setting up and programming microcontroller.  


  • Embedded System With Robotics
  • Future of Embedded System
  • LED
  • LCD
  • Input Devices
  • Switches
  • Type of Sensors
  • IR Sensor
  • Working of IR Sensor
  • Sound Sensors
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Introduction to micro controller
  • What is a micro controller?
  • Microprocessor Vs microcontroller
  • Why AVR is the most widely used micro controller family?
  • Introduction to Atmega 8 Microcontroller
  • Introduction to ATMega8/ATMega16/Atmega32 features
  • Input/ Output Ports of Atmega
  • Data registers of Atmega Controller
  • Interrupts
  • Timer/Counter
  • Introduction of Analog to Digital Conversion
  • What is Embedded C?
  • Embedded C-Programming for AVR Microcontroller
  • Introduction to C, Statement, Function
  • Programmer Strategy
  • Code structures and debugging
  • Code Flashing and execution
  • What is 16X2 LCD
  • How to print Data on LCD
  • Interfacing of LCD
  • Coding For LCD
  • Practical Use of LCD
  • What is ADC
  • ADC In Atmega 8
  • Register of ADC
  • Coding of ADC
  • Practical Use of ADC
  • UART
  • Diff Between USART & UART
  • Register of USART
  • What is Prescaler
  • Serial communication Vs Parallel Communication
  • Practical Application of Serial Communication
  • Serial Communication between System & Microcontroller
  • What is timer/counter
  • Timer Register
  • Timer0/Timer1
  • Programming for timer
  • Practical application of Timers
  • What is PWM
  • PWM Register in Timer
  • How to Generate PWM Pulse from Microcontroller
  • What is Duty Cycle
  • Practical Application of PWM
  • Designing
  • Coding
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Embedded System Based Project
  • DTMF Based Project
  • Sensor Based Project
  • LCD Interfacing


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