Embedded System & Robotics

Embedded systems applications include Robotics, digital camera, multi-tasking toys, cooking and washing systems, biomedical systems, key-board controllers, mobile & smart phones, computing systems, electronic smart weight display system and entertainment systems, such as videos, games, music system and video games, and so on.Embedded systems can be used in many of the real-time applications such as automobiles, robotics, industries, etc. The following real-time projects are related to robotics technology.The term "Embedded" refers that this intelligent system is an integral part of some large system with hardware and mechanical parts, to perform some specific job.

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Duration:- 30 Days

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Topics Covered

  1. Embedded System Basics
  2. Atmega Microcontroller
  3. Embedded C Programming
  4. Motors and Actuators
  1. Introduction to Sensors
  2. Communication with USART
  3. Analog to Digital Convertor
  4. Interfacing with Display Devices


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