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Evaluate your IOT knowledge.

Embedded system or the hardware enabled to connect to the software or objects to collect & exchange data in global standards known as Internet of Things (IoT). IoT allows objects to be sensed or controlled remotely across existing network. The technology is in trend as it improves efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit and reduced human intervention.Connectivity of devices and systems that is beyond machine to machine communication is expected to be offered by IoT. This interconnection is the base for automation in nearly all fields. ‘Things’ in IoT can be looked as an inextricable mixture of hardware, software, data and service.

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Duration:- 45 Days

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Students from Electronics, Electrical and Computer branch find inclination to pursue this course.  IOT is latest technology in the field of Embedded System. So knowing IOT will be helpful during job searching also

IOT Developer, Engineer, Solution Architect, Product Manager, Technical Architect, Software Application Engineer, Software Developer, Technical Lead, Manager, IOT Cloud Architect, IOT Professional.

Global market for internet of things (IoT) in 2016 was surveyed to be USD 598.3 Billion and is expected to reach USD 724.3 Billion by 2023. The reason behind the growth of this industry is expansion of application based and online portals. The field of IoT having lots of scope needs to be explored for various parameters.


  • What is IOT - In-depth Explanation?
  • IOT in home automation
  • IOT Industrial Applications
  • How large is the IOT Market in different domains
  • Latest updates in the IOT industry.
  • Available IOT alliances details and the standards that are getting evolved
  • Multiple IOT applications and solutions available in market
  • Multiple IOT platform (hardware) example Ras-pi, Arduino,etc., comparison and usage.
  • System Architecture
  • Description of proposed architecture
  • What is Sensor & Actuator?
  • Sensor Feature
  • Types of sensors
  • Arduino Mega
  • Routers
  • Ethernet shield
  • Wi-fi Modules
  • Introduction to communication architecture- Network protocol stack
  • Different protocols
  • RF: Bluetooth, BLE
  • Communication Channels: GSM/GPRS, 2G, 3G, LTE, WiFi, PLC
  • IOT protocols: MQTT/MQTTS, CoAP, 6LoWPAN, like TCP, UDP, HTTP/S
  • Comparison of the different IOT protocols, advantages and disadvantages (limitations) of these
  • IOT protocols
  • IPv4 addressing problem for IOT and introduction to IPv6 is required to address more devices
  • Communication Practical (Hands on)
  • Read data from sensors using IOT Hardware Kit
  • Establish Connection Using GSM / GPRS using IOT Hardware Kit
  • Send data to Web Server over HTTP using IOT Hardware Kit
  • Using IOT Hardware kit putting different H/w pieces and Interfaces together
  • Configuring different IO and SW interface for Client, Device, Rule, Alarm, Device Data, Event and
  • Web Server
  • Sensor data being captured and sent to Web server
  • Actuation through BLE/GPRS
  • Visualization through real time dashboard after the data is captured from web server
  • How the problem gets solved through big data and visualization
  • Career Opportunities in IOT - Recent Trends
  • Web Designing (HTML)
  • Home network router
  • Using various sensors in hands on mode on IOT Hardware kit
  • Particle systems (Rain System)
  • Object Properties and motion blur
  • Rendering images
  • Rendering moving images
  • VRay Image rendering
  • Global Illumination and HDRI rendering
  • Project Interior and exterior
  • Projector with Screen
  • WhiteBoard with Marker
  • Mic & Sound System
  • Laptop with Participants along with charging points

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